nature and landscape

Fantastic nature and small paradises


In the hinterland of Genoa there are two nature reserves that are certainly attractive for hikers.

The Parco del Beigua is located in the east of Genoa

It is with a surface of 87 km² the largest regional park in Liguria. It offers a great variety of different landscapes. The highest peaks reach up to 1,200 meters.

The Parco dell'Antola is located north of Genoa.

It has an area of ​​48 km². The Monte Antola is 1597 meters high. This is a popular place for the Genoese in the summer, it stays nice and fresh.

Natural Park Aveto

Natural Park Aveto is a protected walking area with meadows and bare rocks. Here you can make lovely walks through the landscape of the Apennines in the summer. Here you will find olive groves and vineyards.

Parco Regional Montemarcello - Magra

The Montemarcello-Magra regional park is located between the La Spezia gulf and the Vara valley. It was declared a regional park in 1995. There are 16 villages in the area. The most beautiful are Ameglia, Montemarcello, Tellaro and Bocca di Magra. The hills reach a height of 400 meters.


Olijventeelt in Leivi


In Liguria, olives are the main source of income. Nowadays, the olive oil may, because of its good taste and quality, the name D.O.P. to wear. At 2 km from OlivArancio the regional Olive Oil is pressed and sold.


The vineyards have a limited production, but of high quality. 6 D.O.C. wines come from the vineyards by the sea, the most famous being the Cinque Terre Sciacchetra.

Wijn van de cinque terre